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How can I use a credit to undertake?

Guatemala is a young and enterprising country, but with the help of a loan it can be a good start to realize that business idea that is around our head.


That the money does not stop you

That the money does not stop you

Many times we have a good business idea but when it comes to wanting to jump into the water, there are usually two factors that stop us: the money and courage needed to lose our fear and go for our goals.  

And many times the second usually weighs more than the first, the majority of enterprises in the country start with a capital of less than 5,000 quetzals. Although here it will depend on the business you have in mind. But the reality is that very few initially allocate amounts above 100 thousand quetzals.

When it comes to finding financial help, banks are often thought of as the first option. But sometimes the procedures are delayed and the demands, such as several years of sustained income, are difficult for someone that what they are looking for is precisely that first push to start their business.  

You should not be afraid to undertake with funds that are requested from financial institutions, since more than half of the enterprises in the country began with external help and not with their own funds. And more than 30% of companies that are already established continue to apply for loans to consolidate their operations or achieve greater growth.


Innovation equals success

Innovation equals success

You must take into account the ventures that are most active over the years, and therefore, with the highest success rate are those related to the provision of services. And if these are loaded with innovation, much better.

But whatever your business idea, that the seed capital necessary to undertake, never be a brake on your path to success.

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