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Learn how you can apply for an easy and fast loan

There are many banks that offer loans with exorbitant amounts and although they are too attractive you should know how to use them to be a beneficial tool, and not an extra expense.

The loan is a good resource to recover family finances, cover some emergency or give yourself a taste in advance. And among all the series of offers that arise the questions Where do I apply for a loan? Or which one suits me best?

As a first point you should be aware of what you will use the money for, this will define the amount you will request and so you can evaluate an approximate amount of money that you will have to pay soon. Then get advice with different options and look at the requirements they request.

The minimum requirements requested by all places are

The minimum requirements requested by all places are

Credit application, proof of income, personal identification document and proof of address. However, there are places that have other requirements as a guarantor.

In our daily careers, performing this whole process can be long and tedious. Apart from that on several occasions applying for a loan is a matter of emergencies, so we want to tell you where to apply for one of the best credits in Guatemala.

Good Finance has positioned itself in the country as a secure company that allows you to obtain money easily and quickly, to your needs and in the time you want.

How to apply for a Good Finance credit?

How to apply for a Good Finance credit?

You can access their website here to learn all about their services. In the same way you can do it in its free application that is in the Play Store and AppStore with the name of Good Finance. It is one of the best facilities it offers, since you can do it at any time.

Once you have entered, you will have the option to choose how much money you need through an interactive bar. This option allows you to choose from Q3 thousand to Q80 thousand.

Then you have 3 options regarding the time in which you want to pay the amount acquired, this can be between 24, 48 and 60 months. From this you are broken down several forms of payment in relation to the plans, along with their interest rates.

Everything is transparent


As you can tell, everything is transparent, you look at everything that happens, how the process is and everything made to measure. Completed these indications, it is time to request your credit, through a questionnaire your personal and work data are verified. Once the application has been completed and approved, the money is delivered to you in less than 48 hours . Amazing!

And it is not everything, you do not need a guarantor, because Good Finance trusts you and your ability to pay, where you are aware of fulfilling the responsibility of the credit. In addition, you have advice so that you are sure of the decision you make.

Don’t let them charge you more than you owe, request a quick and easy loan with Good Finance. You ally in the best finances for you and your family.

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