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White goods, television, kitchenware and many other technological products, as you know, cannot be obtained from any technology market by credit card installments. In this context, many technology stores, which are on their way to finding alternatives, are able to offer loans in agreement with banks.

For example, Good Finance loans offered in cooperation with Good Bank and technology markets. By using Good Finance credit, you can buy products of your choice from Good Lender stores with very low interest rates and high maturity options, and then make your loan payments directly to the bank. In this article, you will find almost everything about Good Finance loan.

Loan offered by Bank offers


The Good Finance loan offered by Bank offers the following features for all its customers.

  • Among the contracted stores that will increase in the future, only Good Lender is currently available and you can use this credit in any of the Good Lender stores.
  • Good Finance credit is used in the store quickly, you do not need to go to any branch.
  • Wide payment options and low interest rates are available in Good Lender stores with Good Finance.
  • With this credit, you can purchase technological tools in installments.
  • The Good Finance loan product, which is offered with installments up to 36 months, has a fixed interest rate.

Is Good Finance Loan Interest Rates and Calculation


The interest rate of Good Finance loan product, which can be used by Good Lender in Good Lender stores, is displayed as 1.15%. While this interest rate is quite good compared to other banks, the interest rate does not increase in any way as the amount increases. You can use this credit product up to 36 months, the following cost items can be added to your credit debt.

  • BSMV and KKDF expenses.
  • Credit allocation fee.
  • File costs.

When the above cost items are evaluated; By adding these expense items to your main indexed debt, it is possible to find the main debt to be paid to Good Lender. Thanks to Good Finance’s credit product, you can exchange technological tools up to a maximum of TL 7500 and pay for up to 36 months.

Good Finance Required Documents and Conditions for Loan Application


If you want to use the credit Good Finance Turkey Isbank not present any documents requested by you. You may only need to have your identity card with you while you are in the store, in order to enter the requested credentials.

In addition, the bank does not request income documents and similar things from you, at the same time without having to go to the branch you can allocate the loan on the phone. In this context, let’s remind you that your credit rating is important.

Good Finance Loan Application How?

Good Finance Loan Application How?

Good Finance loan applications can be made via SMS or over the phone. In the following, we have tried to elaborate on both channels of application.

  • Application via SMS: Good Lender said, “CASH” leave a space, type your ID number immediately after 4402 ‘If you throw to SMS, which will come by your answer within 1 hour. If your credit is approved within this 1 hour period, an account is automatically opened on your behalf at Good Lender and the balance is transferred directly.


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