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Online proof loan – check how easy it is!

Although the “loan for proof” is a slogan we got used to, in fact it is also one of the faster financial solutions in the absence of cash. After all, every adult citizen of our country has an identity card, so getting a loan only on its basis should help thousands of Poles in need.

Let’s check how this type of loan works from the inside. The area of ​​online loans is developing very dynamically. No one has any doubt that in the event of an urgent cash need, it is this solution that will provide us with the fastest funds. All you need is a device with internet access, and you can apply for a loan at any time – regardless of the time of day or where you are (as long as this is the area of ​​the Polish state).

It will only take us a few minutes. The popularity of online loans is not only influenced by the speed or simplicity of their operation. The requirements set by lenders are also very important – and in reality they are very small. In addition to creditworthiness, loan companies only need a scan of our ID card. Sometimes, even this requirement is sometimes shallower and the lender is satisfied only with the data from this document, which we provided in the loan application. And what exactly information will we have to disclose? The answer to this question should not surprise anyone. Check what are the necessary documents to take out a loan.

Loan for proof via the Internet, or what does the lender want to know?

Loan for proof via the Internet, or what does the lender want to know?

Sharing information from an ID document may cause some resistance. After all, we hear voices calling for the protection of our private data. And if we additionally give someone a copy of the ID card, our fear becomes even greater. When choosing an honest lender, however, we have no reason to fear. On the contrary, the information we provide is needed to properly verify our identity and prevent you from taking out a loan in someone’s name.

When completing the loan application, in addition to your name and surname, you will also need to provide your ID number and your personal identification number. The lender will also ask for our correspondence address. However, the data declaration does not end there. If the lender does not ask us to perform an ID card scan, we will still have to confirm our identity by means of a verification transfer.

This means that you will have to transfer a symbolic amount (usually one groszy) to your lender’s account from our personal bank account. What effect does this action bring? Well, by receiving a transfer from our account, the lender can check who the sender is. If the account holder data match those that appear on the loan application, it means that both the transfer and the application were the actions of one person. Our identity will therefore be verified positively and the submitted form will be considered.

Online proof loan – is it safe?

Online proof loan - is it safe?

As we have already pointed out, in the case of cooperation with honest lenders our data is completely protected. The websites of non-banking companies operating online have special safeguards that will ensure that the information we provide will not fall into the wrong hands. But how do you distinguish a lender with honest intentions from one who wants to act only to our detriment? It’s best to look for a loan company using special internet comparison websites. The ranking of current loans for proof via the Internet is also available on our website:

See where you can get a loan for proof online

All lenders presented by such websites are proven brands, which mostly belong to the Association of Loan Companies. They operate on clear principles, which are based on the Consumer Credit Act and the assumptions of the so-called anti-usury act. So you can be calm about the integrity of such institutions.

Online proof loans – what else is worth knowing?

Online proof loans - what else is worth knowing?

Although non-bank institutions offering online ID cards do not usually require any additional documents, it may happen that you will be asked to provide proof of regular income. Let us remember that the confirmation of our income can be both a document issued by the lender and, e.g. a bank statement from the last few months. The lender may ask you about this type of certification if you have any doubts about our financial possibilities arising from the creditworthiness analysis. In most cases, however, the lender will ask us to provide our monthly income in the application, but will not require confirmation of the state of affairs declared.

When applying for a loan for proof via the internet, let’s not forget that the required proof of identity via bank transfer can only be made from an account of which we are the only owner. Transactions from other accounts will be automatically rejected. In addition, you will need a phone number and email address to receive the loan. Lack of these forms of contact may prevent us from submitting the application and obtaining the necessary money. So let’s take care of access to such solutions in advance, and we will see for ourselves that obtaining a loan for a proof online is child’s play.

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