The 7 tips to take care of money


Has it happened to you that you change a ticket and you don’t know when you finished it? That’s why we give you some tips to take care of money. In matters of personal finance, there are several areas of opportunity to make our money yield. One of the most important is to take care of the small expenses we make every day.

7 tips to take care of money.

 7 tips to take care of money.

1. Super List

 1. Super List

Never go shopping super hungry because you’re going to crave everything you see and of course you’ll want to buy it. It is advisable to make a list and stick to it once you are in the establishment to avoid falling into unnecessary expenses.

Try to be accompanied. For example, your partner may be more measured than you at the time of spending or vice versa; that helps you put a “brake” on when you want to match compulsive shopping.

2. Recycle at home

 2. Recycle at home

If you require printing at home, before using new paper, evaluate how necessary printing is. It is possible that by writing down the data somewhere it is not necessary for you to print; but if you still have to do it, analyze if it is essential that you do it in new sheets. To do this, always have recycled sheets on hand that you can use for these cases.

The same with notebooks that you no longer use but have enough useful sheets. Don’t throw it away, you can still take advantage of them.

3. Energy saving

Buy saving lights for your home. While they are a bit more expensive than normal, they will ultimately generate greater benefits. Also, get used to always turn off the lights you are not using, which will prevent you from paying high electricity bills.

4. Transportation savings

In this segment there are many ways to save. For example, if you visit the Historic Center of Mexico City, it is convenient to travel by public transport, since in addition to avoiding traffic in the area, you will not pay the excessive cost of parking in the area.

For nearby transfers, also use other means such as cycling or walking, you will not only save gas but also exercise.

5. Morning coffee

If you are one of those who go to a coffee shop every morning to buy your hot drink because you need the caffeine to “wake up,” consider buying a coffee maker and getting up 10 minutes earlier to prepare the coffee yourself. Make accounts and you will see how much you can save per month or even per year.

6. The “comes, comes”

One of the expenses in which the change of a ticket goes without realizing it is in the tips and in giving the one of the “comes, comes”. If you are a person who frequently uses this service, do accounts and within your budget consider giving 2 or 3 pesos a day; On the contrary, if you use it 5 times a day and each time you give 5 pesos, imagine how much you spend per month!

7. Cravings

If you are one of those who work in an office or near a convenience store and often go out, limit your purchase of potatoes, soda, corner tacos, jelly and all those products that in addition to not helping you Create healthy eating habits, they represent a serious impact for your economy.

It is best to discipline yourself about what meals you make out of home and budget how much you will pay for them to stay within this control and avoid leaks to your capital.


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