What should you pay attention to when receiving a general purpose loan?

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Credit refers to the payment of a certain amount of purchase price to a natural or legal person for a period of time, for a price such as interest. So borrowed money or goods as the term has meaning. When banks give credit, they create different criteria; identify different areas of use of these loans and offer different loan opportunities. The general purpose loan is one of them.

Sub-types such as education loans and holiday loans are also among the types of loans covered by general-purpose loans. The rules regarding retail loans have been determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and should be used within the framework of these rules. It is useful to know and understand these rules and to use them wisely while taking credit. Choosing the right type of consumer credit is one of the main issues that should be considered before attracting a general-purpose loan.

What is the benefit of determining the type of consumer loan you will receive?


If you are thinking of making wedding loans, medical loans for medical expenses, non-credit good for your holiday vacation plans, you can benefit from the training withdrawals for education loans if necessary. Although it is not mandatory to determine the type of credit, you can follow the banks’ low-interest special campaigns and find a plan that suits your needs with lower interest rates.

Remember to take into account the interest rates when choosing the Loan Term!

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Since the number of maturity of the loan taken will directly affect the interest rate to be paid back, it is always useful to make detailed calculations when determining the maturity period. This means that when you pay the personal loan in 12 months, a lower-priced interest rate is applied then you have to pay in 24 months. Therefore, using your short-term credit is more profitable if you are hit by the total money account if your financial power allows.

Visit different banks and compare credits.

Visit different banks and compare credits.

Although each bank is perceived as lending at the same interest rate, each bank will have period credit campaigns and apply certain cuts in interest rates for competition. In order to take advantage of the interest rate reduction opportunities of the banks , it is often possible to check the websites of the banks and spend some time with an account.

Take into account the file charges for credit transactions.

Take into account the file charges for credit transactions.

If you have chosen the options that are appropriate for you after comparing loan interest rates, you should also consider the credit allocation fees that will directly affect the total money out of your pocket. Since banks will usually reflect file costs and credit-related insurance to your payment plan with the credit you have drawn, do not forget to see the total cost to you in all aspects.


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